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What is Direct Primary Care?

We are facing a health insurance crisis in this country. Many hard-working people are either uninsured, underinsured, or pay way too much for what they are getting. Not to mention, insurance company requirements have become prohibitively expensive for doctors, who must work longer hours to keep up with demands that have more to do with paperwork than patient care.


At Avalon Health, we are doing things differently. We're cutting out the insurance middleperson, and offering healthcare directly to the adult patient at an affordable cost. This model of health care is called "direct primary care." Direct primary care is a growing movement in response to our ineffectual health system. In this model, physicians and patients come together to decide what's best, without the intrusion of an insurance company. 

Here's how it works: the patient pays a monthly membership fee (or yearly fee) in exchange for high-quality patient care provided by Dr. Lavallée. That's it! No red-tape, no hassles, no paperwork. Direct primary care puts the focus back on the patient and their health and well-being — just as it should be.



Avalon Health | Dr. Marilyn Lavallée | Savannah

Affordable same day primary care for adults. 


Avalon Health takes the guesswork out of healthcare pricing. No surprises. No hidden fees. In exchange for your monthly fee, you will get high-quality health care. Feel free to contact the office with questions or concerns.


$85 per month
$950 per year

One time $100 initiation fee.

Included with Membership

  • Yearly Physical, with Pap if needed

  • Up to 20 visits per year if needed

  • Comprehensive labs once or twice yearly, based on medical conditions (includes CBC, CMP, FLP, A1C, TSH)

  • Up to 10 skin tag removals per visit

  • Certain joint injections included

  • Affordable skin biopsies

  • Access to low-cost pharmaceuticals

  • Access to affordable xray, CT, MRI, colonoscopy, and other studies

Small Businesses

Membership discounts for multiple enrolled employees:​

5-10 employees - $80 per month per employee

11+ employees - $75 per month per employee

Note To Recipients  of 

Federal law prohibits claims for reimbursement of charges for visits to, prescriptions by and referrals by non-Medicare physicians. Dr. Lavallée has opted out of Medicare and all insurances.

Dr. Lavallée is able to dispense generic medications which she sells at cost. Many can be purchased for much less than the insured cost of medications.

Avalon Health Membership Benefits

Direct primary care may be an emerging style of health care, but it's based on a tried and true health care approach: the doctor and patient relationship. Remember when doctors knew all their patients and histories without consulting a chart? We want to return to that patient-first standard of care. As a member of Avalon Health, you will have access to services typically unheard of in a traditional medical clinic. Here are a few of the benefits:

  • Same-day or next-day appointments

  • 24/7 access to your physician

  • Phone/email consultations

  • Shorter wait times and longer appointments

  • No office visit co-pays

  • Comprehensive labs and access to other labs at very low rates

  • Many in-office procedures included


At Avalon Health, you're more than just a patient — you're part of the family. Dr. Lavallée knows your personal history, and provides custom care designed with you in mind.


Scheduling an appointment with your health provider shouldn't be a challenge. At Avalon Health, your doctor is accessible when you need care.


At Avalon Health, there is no guesswork when it comes to price. You pay a low monthly membership fee or one yearly fee, and we provide high-quality care. That's it. No co-pays, no insurance, no hassle.


Direct primary care clinics report higher levels of patient satisfaction and less trips to the doctor. That's because instead of spending our time on billing, coding, and filing claims, we spend time focused on you and your health.

Welcome to the

Avalon Health Difference

Member Benefits

Meet Dr. Lavallée

Dr. Marilyn Lavalee Avalon Health Direct Primary Care in Savannah, Georgia

Marilyn Lavallée, M.D.

Dr. Marilyn Lavallée was born in a small farming community in northern Alberta, Canada. She completed her undergraduate in psychology from the University of Manitoba, Canada. After working with battered women in Cobb County, Georgia, Dr. Lavallée decided to become a doctor. She graduated from Mercer University School of Medicine in Macon, Georgia in 2001, and she completed her residency in Internal Medicine at the Memorial University Medical Center in Savannah in 2004. She continued work at an outpatient Memorial clinic through 2016.

Dr. Lavallée has become disenchanted with the traditional model of medicine, as it has increasingly shifted focus from the needs of the patient to the demands of the insurance companies. She started Avalon Health, Inc. in an attempt to get back to basics — providing high quality care to her patients without the red tape.

Dr. Lavallée has over 20 years experience as an internist with an excellent reputation among her peers and patients. She is accessible to her patients via email, as well as offering access for after-hours emergency questions. Dr. Lavallée is committed to offering her patients an affordable option for high-quality, long-term internal medicine healthcare.

Meet Dr. Lavallée
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